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New Bend Mobility Lab at OSU Cascades launched in November with support from MOVE BEND.  It's initial project is a micro-transit pilot project Press Release on Bend's West Side. 

“How the Microtransit Movement Is Changing Urban Mobility,” CITYLAB,

“Transit in the 2000s: Where does it stand, where is it headed?” Journal of Transportation, download at

Columbus, Ohio launching a “Smart Cities” initiative.  The City stands at the forefront of a groundswell of smart city developments ranging from growing the adoption of electric and autonomous vehicles, revamping mass transit into a more multimodal experience and improving commercial truck traffic through the city.  A model for Bend?

Speed Kills, So Why Do We Keep Designing For It? A great argument for programs that slow cars down, like lower speed limits, “traffic calming” measures and more room for bikes and pedestrians.