Why Now?

Right now, every transportation agency in Bend is updating a major plan. The City of Bend. Cascades East Transit. The Oregon Department of Transportation. The Bend Metropolitan Planning Organization. Even the Bend Park and Recreation District is making new plans for expanding our urban trail system.

Put simply: Hundreds of millions of dollars for new roads, highway projects, bike lanes, sidewalks, pedestrian crossings, urban trails and transit services are on the table. How will the money be spent?

MOVE BEND is engaging businesses and residents of all backgrounds and viewpoints to help keep what's special about Bend even as we change.

Why It Matters:

  • Why Now 1

    50,000 more people by 2028

  • Why Now 2

    OSU Cascades

  • Why Now 3

    Infill and Expansion Housing Needs

  • Why Now 4

    Congestion and Livability

  • Why Now 5

    Health and Wellness

  • Why Now 6

    Complete Neighborhoods

  • Why Now 7

    Incorporating New Technology

  • Why Now 8

    Crumbling Infastructure

  • Why Now 9

    Environmental Responsibility